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Nepeta cataria

Taste: Acrid,pungent

Origin: Europe

Energetics: cooling, moistening

Actions and Properties: Relaxant, nerving, diaphoretic, carminative

Systems: Digestive system, female reproductive system, muscular skeletal system, integumentary system

Traditionally used for:

  • Nervous headache, menstrual headache, sleeplessness
  • Swollen under the eyes
  • Congestion, pain and anxiety in the stomach
  • Anxiety attacks felt in the stomach, mimicking heart attack
  • Hiatal hernia, hiccough
  • Spasm, pain ascending from the stomach or uterus
  • Motion sickness (mild palliative)
  • Gas pains, relived by burping
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Lactation: sweetens milk
  • Lessens fatigue from muscular exertion
  • Skin irritations; hives, measles, fever, acne, scarlatina; brings rashes to the surface

Contraindications/cautions: Do not use for extended periods of time with small children. Avoid if pregnant.

Other uses: Can be fed to your cats, watch them go crazy!


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