Embrace Nature's Cup

We start our harvest in the beginning of July, making our first products available by the beginning of August.

Our first products available are our Mints, Bee-Balm and Raspberry Leaf.



Tea Blends

Tea Blends

These blends are of our many different lemon herbs. Strong and warming.... 

Hand-Crafted Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Our teas are grown using only natural fertilizers and permaculture

Our teas are dried over a period of 3 weeks and the leafs and flowers are then stripped from the stems by hand before packaging.

  • Environtmentally Friendly

    All of our operations are carried out with a sustainable and respectful manner towards the environment.

  • Flower tea

    From our gardens to your cup

    We sell 30+ different varieties of herbal teas that are grown naturally in our gardens.

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