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Raspberry Leaf

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Rubs ideaus

Taste: Sour like the berry, slightly sweet, earthy, astringent

Origin: Turtle island/around the world

Energetics: Cooling, drying

Actions and properties: Astringent, uterine tonic, parturient, febrifuge, hemostatic, mild alterative.

Systems: female reproductive system

Traditionally used for:

  • Pregnancy tonic, strengthens uterus, aids morning sickness, post partum pain, expels afterbirth, enriches milk
  • Tonic for relaxed tissue, diarrhea, allergies or flu with excess discharge of clear mucous
  • Eases PMS and cramps
  • Supports hormone changes during pregnancy afterbirth, miscarriage, pelvic area surgery, steroid medication and coming off contraception
  • Assists contractions, check haemorrhage
  • Mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, sore throats
  • Anemia, colds, flus, osteoporosis, muscle cramps
  • Reduce the likelihood of preterm and posterm labour, reduce need for medical intervention during delivery
  • sitz bath or douche for vaginitis and cervicitis

Contraindications/cautions: Do not use wilted or partially dry leaves. Consult with a health practitioner/midwife. Some recommend consumption only in 3rd trimester

Other uses: Infusion applied to sore eyes


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